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Weight Loss Benefits of Rebounders and Some TipsTop Tips

A rebounder is a mini-trampoline that usually measures around 3 feet in diameter. It is not only fun and convenient, but it can also be a tool that helps you shed weight. It also provides other benefits, like stress relief, improved muscle tone and detox.

Weight Loss

How much weight you should lose and how quickly are the two things that determine the rebounding workout that is best for you. In any case, rebounding on bare feet is recommended as this will help make sure that you don’t slip on the mat’s surface. You can combine rebounding with other exercises, like weight-lifting, biking and walking.

When it comes to weight loss, the amount of weight you actually shed with rebounding depends on two key factors: the amount of time you spend doing it, and how often. In addition, the more challenging your sessions are, the more weight will come off and the faster too.

The Basics

You can rebound with increasing intensities or jump higher and higher. If you want maximum weight loss, do more vigorous routines. Gentle bounces are a great way to warm up, then start bouncing higher and higher off the mat while exerting more and more effort. Do this alternately with some jogging and running in place. As a beginner, you’ll want to begin by doing it a few minutes every time. Slowly extend your rebounding workout to about 30 minutes or even longer. Cool down towards the end by returning to slower, more relaxed bouncing.

Varied Moves

To have some variety in your rebounding routine, do certain movements such as jumping jacks. Do them as fast as you can for maximum weight loss results. However, ensure that your rebounder is big enough before you actually start with those jumping jacks. Just take note that the more vigorous your movements are, the greater weight loss they can bring you.

Total Exercise

Rebounders are not limited to moves you perform on your feet. For effective full-body exercise that work on your back, legs and abdominals, sit on your rebounder with your feet on the floor underneath it. Lean back a little as you lift your feet gradually with your arms opened straight out. Then bounce up and down, finding balance with the use of your arms. Once you’ve perfect this exercise, try it with your legs extended up and out. You will know that you got it right when your torso and legs form a “V.”

Lastly, before you get started, visit your doctor just to check if you are capable of meeting the physical demands of such activities. Rebounding is generally healthy, but if you have heart problems or any other sensitive medical conditions, it will not be good for you.

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